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Struggling with ED? We have the treatments proven to succeed! Atlantic Integrative Medicine:

- Has more ED treatment options in than anyone else in Virginia Beach

- Is the ONLY Gainswave provider in Virginia Beach Area

- Has helped thousands of patients

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We've helped treat thousands of patients struggling with sexual wellness! Let us help you.


Who We Are


Here at Atlantic Integrative Medicine, our goal is to help our patients feel young again, and not have to worry about their ED or Peyronie's Disease. 

We specialize in providing solutions to better men's sexual health. Whether you are struggling with ED or Peyronie's Disease, we've got a solution for you. We offer various treatment options that will improve the quality of life for many who have struggled with a decline in sexual health that comes with age and other factors. You can learn more about our services and determine if it is recommended for you through a consultation in our office.

Check out these customer testimonials!

I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Their men's sexual wellness treatments are like none other. The staff will help you find what you need to feel young again. 

Todd P.

I've been strggling with ED for quite some time now, and I couldn't seem to find an answer. Atlantic Integrative Medicine helped me find that answer.

John K.

Give them a call! They are very professional and thorough and will help you find a solution to your ED.

Andrew V.

GAINSWave patient testimonials

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